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Zoo de la Palmyre

Located in the vast pine forest of La Palmyre, the Zoo de la Palmyre is one of the most famous zoos in Europe.

More than 1,600 animals from all over the world offer themselves to the amazed gaze of visitors. There are of course the most "friendly" species such as sea lions, parrots, pandas, penguins or flamingos at the foot of their large rock cascade.

The most "majestic" species such as elephants, lions, snow leopards, and the more "disturbing" as caimans, pythons or rhinoceros, all offer you an amazing and endearing spectacle.

Animations, shows of sea lions and parrots will delight young and old. The new space Great Apes offers gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees 3 hectares of freedom.

The Palmyre Zoo has a solid reputation for the comfort and care provided to animals, as evidenced by the many births, 200 to 300 per year, as well as the zoo's participation in various programs to save endangered species.

All informations oh their site : Zoo de la Palmyre.

Photo credit : LA PALMYRE - Zoo de La Palmyre © CMT17 S. GAUDIN (n°1, 2 et 4), LA PALMYRE - Zoo de La Palmyre © CMT17 A. BIRAR(n°3)